A while ago I wrote about the big problems of web 3.0 today. My point is the projects that help successfully solve these problems will go places.

Many readers asked, “But Tascha, what are those projects?”

I figured it would be good to occasionally invite some projects that are solving big problems onto Tascha Labs podcast, to talk about what they’re doing.

These conversations aren’t for endorsement, but for information gathering. My goal is to give you perspectives of what may be coming into web 3 space in next 2-3 years.

Today I talk to Jay Jog, co-founder of Sei Network, a new layer 1 blockchain working to scale deFi for the next billion users.

I asked Jay questions that a potential investor / advisor would want to ask, such as:

  • problems that Sei Network is solving
  • value proposition & ideal customers
  • team’s past experience
  • project traction
  • growth plans & competitions

We also talked about DeFi’s current challenges and how the industry will change in the next couple years.