If you’ve ever had the experience of things not going your way despite you trying so hard, you know how it feels. You think you’ve done everything you could and yet the result doesn’t budge. It’s like walking in a dark forest on your own for days with no map. You start wondering if you’ve been simply walking in circles or if you should be where you are at all. Are you on the right track? How do you even know what the right track looks like?

Although the human mind is not generally capable of seeing any truth with certainty beyond 5 feet ahead, it has plenty of capability for doubts. As soon as your endeavor is met with any kind of resistance in what we call “the reality”, rest assured that the mind will supply you with an abundance of doubts, because that’s the best way it knows how to cope with uncertainty. It’s as predictable as the sunrise. 

And the next thing the mind is predictably programmed to do is to seek external confirmation that you’re on the right track. It’s true that if you seek, you shall find. But what exactly is the confirmation confirming? That part the mind actually doesn’t know, and often gets it wrong… 

In Episode 106 of the School of Intuition, I talk about how to answer the question of “am I on the right track of [inserting the name of the dragon you’re trying to slay]?”, from a different and more helpful perspective, why the goals we pursue are almost always a red herring disguising what this life journey is really about, and what question you should be asking instead for more certainty and less anxiety. If you’ve ever pursued any goal in life and been frustrated about it, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. 



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