In this episode of Tascha Labs podcast, I talk to Sreeram Kannan, founder of EigenLayer, about a new Ethereum staking modality called “re-staking”. This is a new innovation that can help scale a proof-of-stake ecosystem by improving the system’s capital efficiency.

Lots of interesting and potentially complex economic implications for the Ethereum platform can happen if this type of new regime gets adopted widely. We’ll dig into much of that in this conversation.

0:00 – Today’s Topic

0:15 – Ethereum staking as a financial primitive in blockchain world

2:16 – Problems EigenLayer is trying to solve

3:38 – Selling & buying in decentralized trust

10:42 – Dimensions of decentralized trust

12:40 – Reason behind the need for decentralization

16:31 – Problem with decentralized trust

20:59 – Staking Eth to validate for other protocols

24:19 – Return format & method of payment

30:36 – Impact of EigenLayer on amount of Eth staked

36:51 – Effect on volatility of the validator base

42:34 – Impact of EigenLayer on Ether’s token price

45:38 – Risk comparison between using EigenLayer and going on your own for applications

53:35 – Details about EigenDA marketplace

1:01:47 – Sharing common decentralized trust framework among platforms

1:04:00 – Current status of EigenLayer

1:05:34 – Outro