↑ That’s a trick title. Gotcha! April fools! Yay!

But sweetheart, what make you think it’s a good idea to get them back?

In this video, I answer a million-dollar relationship question that’s as old as humanity itself, and that has recently manifested itself in my email inbox as a reader request. I talk about a common relationship pattern of many empathic and energetically sensitive folks, and also…

  • the difference between energetic and earth connections and why you should know the difference when you meet someone you like, especially if you’re empathic
  • the importance of respecting that everyone is doing the best they can and making the best decisions they know how to make at any given time
  • what a soulmate really is
  • why breakups are a blessing in disguise

[vsw id=”CDBwvWbrTdw” source=”youtube” width=”300″ height=”169″ autoplay=”no”]

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