DiemYou’ve waited and waited. Still, you don’t have any clarity…

…about what you really want, about the next steps, about “should I…or should I not”, about how to get from here to there.

You’re not alone.

Most of life is the art of treading in the murky water of unknowingness most of the time. Nobody is an exception.

When you hear successful people say “I knew I wanted to be a pilot/artist/stock analyst/circus elephant since I was five!”, don’t be mistaken. They don’t have more clarity about their life than you do about yours. What they have is the ability to boldly trust the limited clarity they had and ride with it.

Action invites clarity. Sitting on your butt repels it.

When you act, even on the back of whatever little you know, you send out zillions of invitations to far corners of the Universe, for more information, inspiration, and stimuli. When you act, your brain makes new connections, your heart conjures new desires, your soul finds new ways to propel you on the right path.

Of course you could sit on your mediation mat and ask the divine for guidance. But the better way is to give the divine something to work with. The guidance will appear more easily when you get up and start walking…in any direction.

The divine guidance manifests itself as that website you bumped into while doing research, that question raised by a stranger you happened to talk to, that contractor whose business card you found in a coffee shop.

And none of that would happen if you sat in a cave by yourself doing nothing.

Your action doesn’t have to be as grand as quitting your job and moving to Mauritius. It can be as small as  picking up the phone and asking for feedback from a friend.

Rumination and waiting are not your friends when clarity is wanting.


  1. Ask yourself what is the immediate next step you could take, no matter how small, to become more clear.
  2. Go do it.
  3. Step back and evaluate. (But don’t take too long. And definitely don’t turn it into an excuse for not taking any more action.)
  4. Repeat.

And here’s a secret.

The Universe is efficient. Your vision won’t be clear until you have gained enough inner power to put that clarity into the good use that it deserves. Otherwise it would be such a waste.

That’s why clarity can’t be forced.

But with every action you take, you’re training yourself to step up, again and again, so that your inner strength can grow and finally match the outer clarity you’re destined to channel into reality.

Clarity is not the direct result of your actions. But action helps you get ready to receive clarity.

Take action. Now.

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