Empathic light beings often struggle to fit in the “real world”. You’re a wizard. They are muggles. They don’t understand you. I get it.

Yet if your mission is to elevate the consciousness of this planet with your light, you can’t do that without operating effectively in the world.

And on the journey of ever expanding light, we sometimes forget that it’s not other people’s job to appreciate your uniqueness or the value that you bring. Sometimes people don’t know how to accept you for you, and that’s their issue. But if you expect them to change, you become part of the problem.

In Episode 65 of the School of Intuition (Premium Edition), I talk about some common traps we fall into as unique light beings trying to find our place in the world, and what you can do to operate more effectively in the “muggle world” while being true to the magical creature that you are.



* * *

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