On my last birthday, I made an intention to live to 120. No I’m really not kidding. I fully expect to make it happen.

In fact, I’m undershooting there. 

Recent researches on ageing estimate the natural lifespan of humans to be 120-150 years old. That’s how many years your body can carry on, without external stressors, like cancer, heart attack, or being hit by a bus.

In other words, if you take care of the not-dying-from-disease-or-accident part, which is tricky, you can live to 120 easily.

The more interesting question though, is why. If you know the why, figuring out the how is much easier. 

The ego of course wants to live longer. It’s programmed to try to perpetuate the fictional story of its existence. But you’re wise and you already know not to give much weight to what the ego wants.

Your higher self doesn’t really care. It’s already eternal. 80 years, 120 years, what difference does that make? All are small numbers.

It’s only when you channel your higher self to look through the eyes of your human self, that the idea of living to 120 becomes interesting.

The ego is always in a race against time. It knows this life has a literal expiration date. So it rushes to get everything done and get everything it wants, before that deadline.

Much of this knowing is subconscious. But it has powerful effects on how we humans live life and make decisions. We want instant gratifications. We have no patience. We prioritize quick fixes against long-term solutions… all to our own detriments. 

But if you’re 50 now and you know you will live 70 more years, that changes things. Instead of thinking about retirement, your perspective shifts to that life is just starting! 

When I intentionally informed myself that I’m going to live to 120, I found my attitude about work, finances, relationship, and decision making shifted dramatically. For example,

  • I decided to heavily invest in my own knowledge and skills that will last way beyond what I’m currently working on
  • I started thinking about financial investments not in 3-5 year time horizon, but in 15-20 year horizon
  • I’m more interested in doing a task right, rather than doing it quickly
  • I give my health the highest priority 
  • I started looking at most things I buy as an investment decision. Rather than asking how cheap?, I’m more interested in how long will it last?.

In Ep 117 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the why and how of living to 120, how my attitudes and perspectives about life changed significantly after I made that intention, and how you can make similar shifts and get life-changing results even if you’re not interested in living longer.  




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