When we keep acting out of the programming stored in our “local storage” (i.e. our physical and energetic body), which rarely updates, we stop growing. Or worse, we let past traumas and negative experiences define our present behaviors. 

Healing involves doing something to your existing programming. And generally there’re three things you can do:

  1. Edit / rewrite the programming 
  2. Change your relationship with the programming, so that it doesn’t get activated as much
  3. Remove the programming from your local system

Most of the healing modalities fall into either #1 or #2. (#3 is an evolutionary path that involves more than healing, as I talked about in Episode 84 of the School of Intuition.)

Even though in the short run #1 and #2 can both “do the job”– meaning, they can both help you feel better and adopt more constructive behaviors– they have very different implications for your long-term growth and evolution. 

In Episode 85 of the School of Intuition, I talk about how different healing approaches work, why they are not created equal, and which ones are more helpful in facilitating the evolution of consciousness that’s happening in you.



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