In this episode of True Voyage I talk about the relationships that don’t “work out”. As long as you’re human, you’ve probably had those. And sucky as they are, those are a primary tool life uses to help you evolve in consciousness. Heartbreak is life’s invitation to you to deepen the love affair with your precious self. And more importantly–for those who are ready–it is also a doorway to your inner freedom and authentic power…if you dare to allow the pain and sadness to do their job– stripping away aspects of the ego that you held onto for dear life, and returning you to a primordial state of being so many of us desperately shun away from. If you dare to allow it to happen, then heartbreak is meant to break you so completely open, that you realize in surrendering to this call of opening up, you have nothing to lose except your made-up belief of an individual identity. You realize that you no longer need to hold back from love in order to protect your “self”. Because there is really nothing there to protect. And that is the beginning of freedom.

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true voyage with natasha che