Recently when my team submitted a routine update of the Soundwise iOS app to the app store, it was rejected. It had never happened before and the feedback we got from Apple was cryptic. None of us knew what was going on.

In 5 seconds after I got the message, I felt as if my blood pressure shot to 200. I thought of what it could mean for the users Soundwise was delivering audio programs for. I thought of the scenario of endless customer emails and support calls. What if we were never able to publish the app in iOS ever again? How many users would we disappoint? Would that be the end of my company?

As the “what ifs” were running wild in my head, I remembered to connect with the Source. And I remembered to ask myself a few important questions. The kind of questions that help me see things with perspective and stop the pre-programmed script in my “human software” from running the show.

These are also the things I’d recommend to you, to handle any high-stake situation of uncertainty with power and grace:

  1. Connect with the Source
  2. Ask the right questions

In Episode 66 of the School of Intuition (Premium Edition), I’ll walk you through both.

We’ll do a “guided exploration” together, to help you connect with the Source dimension, where your essense dwells, and where your wisdom and resourcefulness ultimately come from. We’ll also talk about the important questions to ask yourself in situations of uncertainty and stress, to help align your mind with your higher self and deal with uncertainties with courage and grace.

* * *

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