You didn’t create the individual identity you’re carrying right now. It was installed in you as part of the “package deal” of your human consciousness, and shaped early on by your upbringing and your DNA.

Yes, you’ve enhanced and polished this identity as you travel through time and space. But for most people, their individual identity is hardly a creation of their own, but rather, a prison that they are confined by. 

This ancient irony of human existence may be about to change.

With the advent of virtual reality and “existence” being increasingly transferred online, you already have the power to create brand new identities that are entirely of your own design as the Creator. And this power will only grow over time.

Before you dismiss this as some sci-fi fantasy, or think that a digital identity is not “the real thing”, I invite you to pause and think about how “real” your sense of localized human self actually is.

Most quantum leaps in human consciousness were triggered by technology breakthroughs or external changes in the environment. This time around is not going to be different. 

In Ep 114 of the School of Intuition, we’ll talk about how the technological trend is making inner freedom– and soon, external freedom– more accessible than ever, how it will affect our collective consciousness, and personal implications for you.


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