After episode 57, where I talked about my new year’s resolution to follow my authentic inspiration as my only guidance for action for the next 12 months, I got some questions from the listeners of SoI–

“How do you tell if you’re “following your inspiration” or are just being irresponsible and let your impulse rule the day?”

“But one needs planning and discipline to succeed at anything. If you just go where the wind blows, wouldn’t life be total chaos?”

And also,

“What do I follow if my mind wants one thing and my heart wants another?”

All are excellent questions. And I decided to do an episode answering them. In Episode 59 of the School of Intuition, I explain some of the common myths about what it really means to follow your intuition, how to know if you’re doing it right, and what to do about the conflicting voices in your head…

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