Have you ever felt finding love difficult? Have you ever felt all your hard work in pursuit of a loving, lasting relationship seems futile? Have you ever wondered, in a heartbreaking moment, if there’s anything wrong with you and if that special person is ever going to show up at all? Well, good news: you’re not crazy.

If finding love seems impossible, it’s because it is. It’s because, despite all your grand motivation to “take charge of your destiny”, love is not some goal you can achieve by drawing up a five-year plan and working on it. It’s the illusion of the ego that you can actually find love by pushing and pulling and being smart at it.

Love has its own organizing principle, which defies any manipulation from the small will of you and me. Just like everything else in the universe, at first glance it seems chaotic and hopeless, but once you take a step away, beautiful orders emerge. When you give up your temporary agenda and learn to listen to the voice of your larger destiny, “finding love” will finally become easy.

In this video I talk about why the probability of you finding love is zero, but the probability of love finding you is 100 percent.

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