Lots of my readers ask me when they will find “the one”. Recently I got this message from a lovely person:

“I want to meet a love partner, but it just doesn’t seem to come my way yet. Mind you I am not desperate. But I have a lot of capacity for love. I don’t know where to direct it except to my family. I’d love to have a baby, but that’s apparently not coming my way either. I’m not pushing. Still, time passes and biological chances to get pregnant diminish…I guess there is no other way than to accept this as it is.”

In this video I’ll give you my take on the purpose of relationships, why your mission to find the one hasn’t been successful, and the questions you need to ask yourself to bring you into alignment with your relationship destiny.

[vsw id=”U5SbIoee56g” source=”youtube” width=”300″ height=”169″ autoplay=”no”]

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