A common question readers ask me is “How do I find my purpose?” Just this week, someone emailed me and said, “Even though I trust the universe for finding my way. I still question myself so much about how, where, and when. What do I do?”

Before we talk about what your mission is, I want to ask you this question:

Why do you want to know your purpose in life? What is wrong with not having a mission?

The trees don’t have a mission. The flowers, the clouds don’t have a mission. The dogs don’t have a mission. All my dog does is to eat and sleep all day. I may assign my dog a mission according to his benefit to me. But my dog is not sitting there thinking…”oh, my mission in life is to entertain and provide company to my human friends!”

It doesn’t have a mission and it doesn’t feel there’s anything lacking in his life because of it. So my question to you is why are you so obsessed about finding a mission in life?

Having a mission or having a sense of purpose is a wonderful thing, but it’s also a highly romanticized concept.

What do you think Mark Zuckerberg’s mission is? If you go talk to him today, he may tell you: my mission or Facebook’s mission is to connect everyone on the planet, to provide a sense of community, or something like that. Something grand, lofty and beautiful, and that’s all well and good.

But do you really think that he started cranking out code and putting together a shitty website in his college dorm because he was thinking, “I’m doing this because my mission is to provide a sense of community for everybody on the earth”?

Hell, no!

Most great things didn’t start out that way. But what Zuckerberg did was he picked something he was interested in and ran with it.

In this video, I talk about why a sense of mission is not what’s missing for you. When you wonder about what your purpose in life is, what you really need is something else. I talk about what that something else is, and how you can get it.

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