are you too old to be an entrepreneur?

Are entrepreneurs born or made?


Many people will tell you it’s the former. Look at the Facebook and Snapchat of the world! That’s what entrepreneurs should look like. i.e. If you don’t run a lemonade-stand empire powered by artificial intelligence by age five, you’re not cut out to be a founder.


I cannot disagree more. Seriously, The amount of my disagreement is more than the diet coke that’s ever been drunk in the whole world.


We all have our unique path in life and different paths have different timings. Half of the entrepreneurs I know—actually, make it 66.5%—are “late boomers”. I myself, for one, didn’t start my first company till I was 34.


Sometimes it takes a while for you to figure out who you are and what you’re cut out for.


And do you want to know a secret that the startup media hypes seem to ignore?


Statistically, companies with older founders have a higher chance of success, even if the founders had never started companies before.


The thing is when you’re older, you have a clearer idea of who your are. You sweat the small stuff less, because you understand what’s important and what’s not. You’re less likely to give up when the going gets tough, because you’ve seen bigger storms in life.


All of the above are priceless assets as an entrepreneur.


But here’s one thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common, no matter how old or young they are—


They never stop learning.


Regardless of your age or your IQ, what matters to your business is how much you can learn and get better at your game. That’s what determines your success as an entrepreneur.


And if you’re going to learn something, I want you to learn from the best.


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financial projections- what every startup founder needs to know How to Find the Right Business Model


Unless you have 48 hours a day, otherwise don’t waste your time comparing yourself to Mark Zuckerberg or Evan Spiegel.


Focus on your own path. Focus on what you can learn and improve on, today.