If you’re a highly empathic/sensitive person, you probably have an above-average amount of desire to help and heal others. Because you feel others’ pain so intensely (sometimes you’re more aware of someone’s pain than the person themselves), you make a mission of yours to uplift the world around you.

However, such missions often end up in frustration. Because here’s the irony. The sensitivity that makes you a kind/compassionate person also makes you highly susceptible to be influenced by other people’s energy. Instead of enlightening the world with your light, it’s easy for you to get dragged down by the heaviness around you. So for many empathic people, although they have good intention and strong desire to help the world, they are not well equipped to actually do so.

In order for you to be a force of change in the world, you need to be internally clear and vibrationally strong. And that’s why an energetic upgrade, though an uncomfortable experience, is in fact highly beneficial. What it does is to strengthen your light and release you of the old vibrational imprints, so that while you are still in tune with the collective energy around you, you’re less likely to be affected by it. So instead of being triggered by other people’s “stuff”, you can be the guiding light for them.

In this video I talk about what to expect when you’re experiencing an energetic upgrade and what you can do to accommodate the discomfort associated with it.

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