What Empaths Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

Empaths specialize in “oneness”– you feel other people’s thoughts, energies, and feelings almost as clearly as your own. This amazing gift makes you a healing presence on earth, but can also make you suffer, if you have yet to master the gift in a world full of heavy energy. In an evolutionary sense, you’re one step ahead of most of humanity, which makes living in this world doubly challenging.

In this episode, I talk about what to do in situations where you are surrounded by negativity, or worse, are the target of other people’s negativity. The instinctual response of most empaths in these situations is either to apologize or to hide. But if you want to realize your full potential as an empathic being, you need to respond differently. This episode explains why and how, and the one question every empath should ask herself when being energetically overwhelmed.

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