Unpopular opinion: If humans procreate less and live longer, the world would be a better place.

I don’t have kids and don’t want any. But I intend to live to 120. My lifestyle is better for humanity. Here’s why 👇

If you ask an investor to give you $20,000 a year to invest in asset X for 30 years. After 30 years, X will start to pay back.

You also tell the investor this is not a sure bet. ANYTHING can happen in that 30 years. Exactly what? You don’t know.

That’s not a very attractive proposal, isn’t it? You can’t expect to have too many takers.

But that’s exactly the investment proposal for having children.

A new human in the U.S. cost almost $20k every year before college.

But the truth is most of us are idiots before 30, making much trouble while contributing little.

That certainly applied to me. Not saying I’m not an idiot now. But the symptoms get better with age.

Society invested in me for about 30 years before it saw any ROI. And then the ROI goes to zero after around 60 years when I retire.

In other words, there is only about 30 years of time when the investment gives a return.

That’s why when friends ask me why don’t you have kids, I snapback, “Have you done the calculation?!”

Now suppose instead of making another human, we make each human live 40 years longer.

Instead of living to 80 (current life expectancy), say, I live to 120.

Rather than retiring at 60, I continue to educate myself and have multiple careers until I’m 100.

I’m a better investment for society than a new human. Because I don’t incur another 30 years of upfront cost when the helpless new human has to learn how not to be an idiot.

It gets better than that.

You all know humanity’s short sightedness and stupidity are destroying the planet.

Older people are less short-sighted b/c they have history. They remember last time when they did the same stupid thing, e.g. trying communism, what happened.

Having people live longer, and you have a higher chance for a better world.

If I’m the benevolent social planner, I’d invest a lot more resources in cracking the code of longevity, rather than making more children.

Incidentally, that is where the world is going. Birth rate is declining. And longevity research is having breakthroughs.

This is not an accident if you put two and two together.

Rabbits live 10 years and birth 1,000 babies in a lifetime. Greenland sharks live 300 years and birth much fewer babies.

It’s time that humans start to live more like sharks, and less like rabbits.