Is the universe friendly? Does the universe have your back? Most of us secretly want to believe that the answer is yes– because that makes the frightened human self feel better. But I want to point out to you that the question is fundamentally absurd, if you recognize that the same consciousness that runs in you…runs the universe also. In other words, you ARE the universe. Why would you wonder about the nature of something that you can essentially change at your own will? This is not about what you “believe” to be true. This is about what you “make” to be true.

But here’s the thing. It’s easy for some external authority to tell you that “you are the creator of your reality”. But that’s a useless truth if you cannot embody it. And most of us don’t. It’s impossible for you to be the creator of your reality as long as you still identify with the small human self, who is constantly overwhelmed by reality, let alone creating it. Your capability of creating a friendly universe for yourself is at par with the extent you identify with the bigger you that is a manifestation of divine consciousness. And that’s not something you can make happen with will power. But to the very least, you can set the intention for it to happen and familiarize your human self with the truth that you have the option to change your reality. In this episode of True voyage, I suggest two exercises for you to do just that.

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