There are certain buzzwords that get thrown around a lot in personal development circles that have no fixed definitions and are totally up for everyone’s interpretation. People would read about or hear these words and think they know what they refer to. Yet upon close examination, you realize that the exact meaning of those words is lost on almost everyone.

One of these buzz phrases is “highest potential”. 

When someone says such and such will help you “attain your highest potential”, what do you think they mean? In other words, what’s your “highest potential” and what exactly are you going for when you’re trying to attain it?

Episode 99 of the School of Intuition offers some clarity on this matter. I’ll give you a clean cut, simple definition of your highest potential that is probably more helpful than most you can find in any dictionary or self help books. To put it briefly, to reach your highest potential is to continuously expand your capacity for fully living the human experience, which essentially involves three things–

  1. capacity for direct knowing 
  2. capacity for the natural state of joy
  3. capacity for personal freedom

As I’ll explain in the episode, all three are highly related and the latter two depend on the first. In other words, the ability for “direct knowing” is the foundation for attaining your highest potential. 


* * *

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