In this episode of Tascha Labs podcast, we talk all about angel investing in Web3– the why, the how, the potentials, and the pitfalls. Joining me is Paul Pesek, cofounder of WAGMI Ventures, a fast growing Web3 angel syndicate. Tune in to learn about how to select deals, evaluate projects, and structure your portfolio as an angel investor, and recent trends in web3 early stage investing.

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0:00 – Today’s topic

0:58 – Paul’s background

6:32 – Problem with early stage investing in the bull market

13:57 – Thoughts on the angel investment process

21:07 – Having a thesis about what and where to invest

28:23 – Uniqueness of Web 3 angel investing compared to other early stage startup investments

33:50 – Average holding period

37:20 – Percentage of projects that have tokens

41:59 – Project valuation

48:16 – Win rate

51:09 – Importance of having consistency

53:41 – Capital allocation strategy

1:00:24 – Other advices on early stage investing

1:11:06 – Outro