Good news: You don’t have to “believe in yourself” to be confident. In fact, it’s optimal that you don’t.

The macho, ego-centric kind of confidence is so 20th-century. The truth is that no success is entirely “self-made”. Yes, believing that you created all your accomplishments makes you “confident”, for a while. But does it help you and the world on a greater scale?

Many a inflated ego have resulted in a world full of conflicts and a culture obsessed with competition. And if all your successes are just evidence of how great you are, what about when you fail? The confidence based on a narrow vision of “self” can easily crumble when life is not going your way.

As a woman, you’re wired to tune into the intangible connections among things. (Ever been praised for being intuitive?) No matter what others may tell you, that natural sensitivity is not a weakness, but one of your precious gifts. It can help you connect with the larger forces in your life other than your small self identify. And when you align yourself with these forces, your life will flow more effortlessly and you will radiate a confidence that is gentle yet strong, quiet but unshakable.

This week on my YouTube channel, I talked about the 5 beliefs of the truly confident women. If you turn them into deep knowing in your heart, you will live a bigger life and radiate a confidence that benefits all.

Click below or watch the video on YouTube.

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