Many believe that the solar eclipse that’s ongoing today (Aug 21) has been affecting both the world affairs and individual lives in creating chaos, conflicts and disharmony. Personally I’ve had a turbulent week emotionally and energetically. When I mentioned it to a friend, she immediately went, “oh, it’s because of the solar eclipse!”. Is it?

When things don’t go our way, most of us instinctually reject the situation as unacceptable. And in order to make sense of the unacceptable, we then go out of our way to look for someone or something to blame. The usual suspects: ourselves, the other people involved, God. Unfortunately none of them are very appealing options– you’d feel bad one way or another. Astrology can be useful, in the sense that the extra bit of information about celestial bodies allows you to shift the blame from people and things involved (personal) to Mars, Saturn, Mercury retrograde, or solar eclipse (impersonal). So if you’re emotionally stuck in a situation and can’t move on, it’ll make you feel better if you buy into the notion that it’s “written in the stars”.

But in this video I want to tell you that there’s a much better way for you to navigate through thorny life situations and emotional turmoils. The downside: you may just lose any interest in analyzing the stars.

[vsw id=”aW3GVzJqCXI” source=”youtube” width=”300″ height=”166″ autoplay=”no”]

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