99 percent of humans, 99 percent of time, live in the “dimension of phenomena”, where it’s all about thoughts, emotions, energies, and stories, and consciousness manifests as very sophisticatedly programmed intelligence.

Yet at some point in your life in the dimension of phenomena, the question emerged: “Is this all there is to life?” For many people that was the beginning of their spiritual journey. And that question was basically your intuition telling you that the dimension most humans dwell in is not the whole story of existence.

There is this other dimension, what I call the “dimension of the Source”, where the rules of living are very different.

An important element of human mastery is learning to dwell in both these dimensions at the same time.

In episode 60 of the School of Intuition, I talk about what it means to live your life from the dimension of the Source, how it changes your perspective on life and gives you more personal freedom, and most importantly, how that dimension can be accessed.

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