In 99% of cases we humans work similarly to a computer. Just like your laptop, you have a storage system to keep experiences, impressions, information and knowledge. And like your laptop, you have programs (or “scripts”) installed in you to handle various life situations.

Without the ability to store stuff or without pre-installed scripts, neither you nor your computer would know how to function. They are essential features to your humanness, and your computer’s…computerness.

But the thing is your computer’s ability started deteriorating the day you started using it. It becomes slower to respond to new information and data, as the storage space becomes increasingly occupied. And as you install more scripts on the computer, its range of responses to new information also becomes limited.

All of that happens to humans as well.

Fortunately, nowadays technology has developed great solutions to your computer’s limited capacity problem. And a similar solution exists when it comes to human development. Except it has always been there throughout history.

In Episode 68 of the School of Intuition, I talk about this amazing parallel between computers and humans, and what you can do to move beyond your existing, pre-installed “scripts”.