What percentage of your body are you occupying? 

That may sound like a strange question. But in fact, most of us are not fully present in our body most of the time. And when someone is not present, you feel it. Though ironically they themselves don’t ever take notice.

Empathic beings tend to occupy less of our body– because everything seems so overwhelming on earth. When someone says you have an “ethereal” quality about you, that may just be literally true. Though whether that’s beneficial is a different question, as I’ll talk about in Episode 88 of the School of Intuition. 

We occupy even less of the body when we’re under stress or perceived threat. It’s true that feelings of unsafety may trigger you to instinctively shrink. But what we’re usually unaware about is the flip side of this– if you occupy your body more, you’d feel safer.

In Episode 88 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the relationship between consciousness and body, why we’re often not in the body, how we can change this relationship to create a more effective existence, and why this is extra important when you’re experiencing major shifts in consciousness.  



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