Modern physics has discovered that the world works very differently at the sub-atomic level.

Up here in the “normal” world, we have space and time, gravity and speed, shapes and colors, right and wrong, good and bad…

At the sub-atomic level, none of those apply anymore. Time grinds to a halt. Space is almost non-present. Particles can multi-locate and seem capable of moving faster than the speed of light. In other words, once activities move to a sub-atomic level, it’s as if the trapdoor to another dimension opens and the world looks totally different.

How is that relevant to your own growth?

Your body has 100 trillion cells. Each of your cells have 100 trillion atoms. So if there is a trapdoor to another dimension within each atom, then you’ve got plenty of access to it, sitting right where you are.

I call this dimension the dimension of the Creator. But people have used different names for it throughout time, e.g. the quantum dimension, the primordial field, or its most popular name…God.

In Episode 111 of the School of Intuition, like Alice in Wonderland, we take a deep dive down the rabbit hole, move through our cells and atoms to access the dimension of the Creator. Every phenomenon in the world as we know it gets created from this dimension. And by aligning your identity with the Creator self, your entire perspective on life changes and you have access to a level of creative power unimaginable to your human self.

P.s. this episode is greatly inspired by Emptiness Dreaming, a new book from my previous mentor Bill Bauman. Bill’s book is amazing and I highly recommend you to check it out.


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