4 Steps To Own The Room (Especially If You're An Empath)

Have you heard of the an-empath-walks-into-a-bar joke? Me neither. Probably because walking into a crowded space is no joke for empaths / energetically sensitive beings. Because you’re easily overwhelmed by other people’s energy, an empath’s instinctual response when walking into a room is often times to hide and to shrink. The reasoning is that if you take up less space, others won’t come mess with you and it’s less likely to be overwhelmed. But that strategy rarely works. You end up feeling out of place and defeated, and missing the chance of making meaningful connections with people.

In this episode, I talk about an alternative strategy– the right things to do when you try to navigate a roomful of people, so that you not only feel comfortable and less overwhelmed, but also attract the right people to you. This is a great approach especially if you’re energetically sensitive. But even if you are not, the practices I mentioned in the episode will still help you to own the room.


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