Have you ever had the feeling that you have so much potential, yet you don’t know how to “get there”? If you have, consider it a nudge from your soul that calls you to align with your highest destiny.

When it comes to the “highest potential”, most people think of it as worldly achievements– become the President, win the Oscar, break the world record of pepperroni pizzas eaten in one single hour…

While those goals are all wonderful and exciting, I want to tell you that as the exquisite light being that you are, thinking of your highest potential in those terms is setting your bar way too low. 

As an empathic being of powerful light, your highest potential lies in who you really are within. You’re here, on this planet at this point in time, to start an evolution that initiates the generations of humans into the consciousness of true freedom, abundance and joy.

Now, how did you feel inside when you read the line above? Feelings of expansion and relaxation may indicate a truth that resonates with your soul. Feelings of fear, inadequacy or strong aversion are likely a signal that the limited self perception of your human self is being stretched. 

On the path to your highest potential, cultivating a truly intimate relationship with your own precious self is one of the most important vehicles of transformation. If you master this primary relationship, interacting with the rest of the world from a place of higher consciousness would become so much easier. 

In Episode 78 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the 2 of the 11 relationship principles to create and master a real relationship with your human self. Practicing these principles will help you hold allowing space for your own healing and transformation, and provide a strong base to catapult you into the next level of your true potential. (This is the first installment of the two-part series on the 11 principles of your relationship with yourself. Stay tuned for part 2.)



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