A lot of us have had a tumultuous relationship with 2020. Things certainly didn’t go according to plan, did they? Life volunteered you to be the change champion when you simply wanted things to stay where they were. Routines were disrupted, jobs became precarious, and human connections got tested…

But no matter how disoriented 2020 may have made you feel, one thing is for certain– the whirlwinds we’re going through this year is only the tip of the iceberg signaling the profound social, economical, and consciousness changes underway, everywhere in the world.

A time of disruption and turmoil is also a time of magic– a call to wake up from our nice, cozy status quo, step up and embrace our path of personal evolution, and test the boundaries of our existing identities. This is a call we have to answer, no matter how scared or confused we may feel. 

One of my favorite practices at this time of the year is to have a conversation with the Source and ask for my annual theme of growth for the year to come, a theme that points to my next stage of evolution and aligns with my highest potential on this earth. I then set the intention to practice growth in this area for the next 12 months. 

I can’t tell you how helpful this practice is for anchoring the energy of change for a new year and creating space for the evolutionary magic to happen. And as we wrap up this most extraordinary year, a practice as such is more needed than ever.

In Episode 107 of the School of Intuition, I talk about how to set your annual theme/intention of growth, how this is different than a new year’s resolution, and why trusting your intuition is what allows the magic of this growth theme to unfold.



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