The biological systems of all sentient beings are built to be stable systems that resist change. 

In normal days this stability works extremely well. It makes sure that we spend the least amount of energy in carrying out repeatable tasks that are governed by ingrained neurological pathways. Things like brushing your teeth, eating, driving… Things you don’t spend any extra seconds to think about. Placing ourselves on such autopilots saves calories and benefits long-term survival…in a stable environment. 

What most people don’t think about is that this “autopilot state” actually extends much beyond what we typically realize. Our beliefs, sentiments, opinions and worldviews are all resistant to change. They are so stable that any individual person’s behaviors become boringly predictable if you know enough data about them. We each live in our own little box of preset programs. There’s nothing “free” about free will.

And if that’s the entirety of how life operates, then there would be no evolution to speak of.

Evolution, in matter and in consciousness, is only possible when the system is able to give new responses to changing circumstances. Resilience is not about being strong. It’s about being innovative. 

And that is a must-have skill in a world where profound changes are happening at an unprecedented scale, such as the world we are in right now.

In Episode 104 of the School of Intuition, I talk about what “resilience” really is, and the crucial traits one needs to develop to thrive in an environment of uncertainty, . 


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