You’ve probably been told growing up that being intelligent and hardworking is how you’d go places in life.

Yet oftentimes you see people with similar backgrounds and similar amounts of talent, drive, and work ethic, yet the end results of their lives are drastically different. Why?

The answer, like reality itself, is complicated. But here’s one important piece of the puzzle:

What you choose to “work” on have a huge impact on where you end up.

Most people spend most of the time doing what I call “status quo” work. You can get yourself all busied-up and running in a frenzy doing status-quo work all day long, yet your life stays the same.

And then there’s this other kind of work, which helps you shift paradigms and make quantum leaps. Those are the kind of work that can be worth $10,000 / hour. And you may not realize this until in retrospect.

Here’re some examples of how much your “work” may be worth:

    • Dropping off dry cleaning: $10/hr
    • Routine work to keep your paycheck and maintain your current relationships: $50-$100/hr   
    • Learning useful new skills: $1000/hr
    • Things you can do to deepen your most important relationships: $1000/hr
  • Things that help you find clarity about your life direction and purpose: $10,000/hr

By the way, in my book spiritual awakening is work that’s worth at least $1000/hr (even though you may feel like you’re slacking off). Anything that you can do to help you deepen your connection with the Source is potentially $10,000/hr work.

In Episode 55 of The School of Intuition, I talk about why the way you may be thinking of work ethic and productivity does not help you get where you want to go, and what kind of things you should choose to spend more time and energy on if you want your days to bring more fulfillment and prosperity.


The Empath’s Way to Impact and Influence

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