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The Surprising TruthAboutWhy You Feel Empty

Most of us hate emptiness. Whenever I felt that inexplicable void inside, I used to grab the nearest distraction in sight—work, food, sex, shopping, news…—and try to get myself out of that black hole as fast as possible.

That tactic works…for most people. But you aren’t most people. Yes, you, who are reading these lines right now, are on a path of self mastery towards your highest potential.

It may not feel like it, but for you, emptiness is in fact an ally and a blessing.

“How could it be?” You ask. “It’s the worst ordeal! I’m so fucking sick of it!”

Believe me, I know your frustration. I’ve had experiences of emptiness so intense that I feel no emotion, no creativity, no thoughts except how much I hate this, and no desire to do anything except throwing up in anguish. I call it “emptiness on steroids”, a.k.a. when you’re so empty that you feel like a dumb log of wood.

If you’re struggling through “emptiness on steroids” right now, please give yourself a hug for me. And the first thing I want you to know is what this empty feeling is not. It is NOT—

1. a sign of laziness, weakness, or bad character

2. or an indication that there’s anything wrong with you

3. or a symptom of being stuck or your life going off track

4. or a manifestation of “bad karma” or you not growing spiritually

The second thing I want you to know is what this emptiness actually is. It IS

1. a result of massive emotional imprints from past wounds and traumas leaving your energy body at record speed

2. a sign that you’re shedding your old concept/paradigm of who you are, and getting ready to rebuild the “you” from the ground up

3. a transformation-in-progress for your ego

4. a necessary step towards living life as an effortless expression of divine grace

Most humans tie our self identity to our human traits and human relations. That’s why emptiness is so frightening—it takes away the crutches we usually lean on to have a sense of who we are, the shining embellishments with which we construct an individual identity.

If you self-identify as a writer (I do), in emptiness it’s such a challenge to even make cohesive sentences. If you self-identify as an artist, gone are your inspirations, talents, and new ideas. If you’re the funny one, now you don’t know what a sense of humor is. If you’re the smart one, now you have trouble counting even double digits.

We fear emptiness because it seems to destroy the very things that make us human and make our ego thrive—thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, charm, beauty, intelligence, ambition…

But surprisingly, that’s exactly why emptiness is such a blessing. It forces you to look under the hood of your life and see what you are beneath the shining veneer of humanness.

What is there, after all your human qualities are stripped away? Is there any you left? Who is breathing…now?

For me, I kept at my distraction tactic to avoid emptiness for as long as I could. Until the intensity of the void became such that I couldn’t look away anymore. Until I was forced to accept that maybe those human traits and qualities I held onto so tightly weren’t so essential to my existence after all…because even in this awful state terrifying to my ego, I was still breathing. I was doing just fine.

Recently a very spiritual friend of mine came to me and said she felt lost. “I used to have these super blissful experiences of God and divine union and now all I feel is dry emptiness!” She said. “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

But the truth is she did nothing wrong. In fact, she has progressed. “Remember what the Tao Te Ching said?” I asked her.

“The Tao— cannot be told.

The Name— cannot be named.

The nameless is the Way of Heaven and Earth.”

The divine—the Tao—has no name, quality, or traits, while the feeling of spiritual bliss is a human trait.

“So before, you were experiencing God on human terms,” I said. “Now you’re experiencing God on God’s terms.”

Because that’s in essence what emptiness is—a merging with the source of creation. It makes your ego freak out because it knows that if you get comfortable in this state—and you will—your entire identify is going to shift and it will mean a certain (humbling) death of your ego.

Emptiness is what makes you peel back the layers of consciousness and discover your existence in its primordial form, as a pure manifestation of the divine. It is your first ticket to freedom, to living as the Source. It heralds the realization of your highest spiritual ambitions—joy, peace, courage, authenticity, and the magical power to create changes and make things happen— in due time.

If you have any negative doubts/judgments about yourself or the empty state you’re in, please give those thoughts some love. Your mind is simply doing its job— it wants to protect you from annihilation as much as possible. Meanwhile, try to see your knee-jerk reaction to emptiness as what it is—a knee-jerk reaction.

Like it or not, the emptiness is here to stay in your life. The sooner you welcome it, the less you will struggle and the more you will live as a channel of the divine will and see things in your life fall into place. It will get easier, I promise.

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